Nerd’s Eye View: Ferguson & Macmillan Racing K-Liner


Feeding fuel to the engine are EIGHT DeatschWerks 1300cc injectors.
One of the two fire suppression bottles is mounted to the left of the driver. I like the quick-release knobs; yeah, maybe I’m a dork.
The K-Liner made use of a small remote radiator with a fan hooked up while attached to the dyno.
Daniel of Church Automotive Testing sits in the pilot’s seat while keeping tabs on the data coming from the KPro ECU. Daniel is a pretty tall dude, so I’m kinda amazed he fit in the cockpit.
The GTX4502R is equipped with a speed sensor to keep tabs on where the compressor is operating in its map.
The air gets pressurized by the GTX4502R to a very dense 48psi gauge pressure. That’s about four times denser than ambient! What does that translate into power wise? How does 1200hp sound? Notice how the torque doesn’t drop much at redline. This indicates the entire package (head, manifolds, turbo, etc) flows very well.

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