Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I


A GTX4294R turbocharger provides the boost to power this car up the mountain.  The big fat intake tube (less restriction!) draws cool air (more power!) from a duct in the bodywork.  After getting compressed by the turbo, the air passes through a massive air-to-water intercooler before entering the custom fabricated intake manifold.
A heat blanket around the turbine housing protects the carbon fiber from getting baked.  A speed sensor is located on the compressor side to keep tabs on the shaft speed and a Tial wastegate regulates the speed.  A heavy-duty Vibrant clamp on the compressor outlet makes sure the outlet tube stays connected.
The massive rear wing features three elements along with big end-plates.  A multi-element wing can generate downforce more efficiently (better lift:drag ratio) than a single element wing.  The deep end-plates prevent air on the top/high-pressure side of the wing from curling under to the bottom/low-pressure side of the wing which improves downforce. Oh, the rear diffuser is pretty massive too.
Just how big is the rear wing?  Project 370Z owner and time attack driver extraordinaire Clint Boisdeau models for me.  You can also see how beefy the wing supports are.

I got to hang out a bit with Cody and Tabitha of LoveFab here and there over the course of the week.  This build is truly a tale of blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice.  During one of the SEMA evening gatherings, I got to talking to the marketing guy at HRE Wheels who provided the wheels on this build.  He echoed the sentiments that I had about Cody and Tabitha; they genuinely appreciate any assistance they have gotten and they don’t take anything for granted.  It’s refreshing to me to meet people like Cody and Tabitha.

Garrett by Honeywell had some new toys on display including this GTX3067 with a new design of V-band turbine housing and the compact compressor housing used on the GT28s.  One distinct feature of this new family of turbine housings (it will be available in three A/R sizes) is the ‘mohawk’; the goal of the ‘mohawk’ was to minimize weight while making sure it could still contain a turbine burst.  This GTX3067 should be a great turbo for anyone looking to make 400-450whp in a compact package.

For anyone looking to boost a small (really small) engine, Garrett by Honeywell just made available this GT06!



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