Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I



Chris Rado has himself an AMG SLS.  This is Rado we’re talking about, so you know it’s packing some heat.
Rado is seen here popping the hood.   We promised not to take any pictures under the hood.  The car is packing two of them.  The big ones.  No… not NOS bottles silly, NOS is for kids.  This car is packing a pair of turbos.
Zeitronix had this Rossion Q1 in their booth.
There’s a lot going on here.  The heart of the car is a twin-turbo V6.  The carbon fiber ducts on each side feed air to the airbox and intercooler.  The tube running down the length of the engine bay is from the front turbocharger on the transversely mounted engine.  Both turbos feed into the same side of the intercooler.
On the other side of the intercooler is a Tial blow-off valve.  The car appears to use a blow-thru MAF setup.
The exhaust side of the intercooler dumps out the rear of the car.


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