Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I



PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) is big in the diesel world.  The make cool stuff like this compound setup good for over 1000hp.  This setup uses a GT4094 for the small turbo and a GTX4508 for the big one along with Tial wastegates.  PPE has an even bigger setup with the big turbo being a GTX55…  
Check out the braces to help support the weight of the smaller turbo and relieving the stress off the exhaust manifold.  Exhaust bellows are used to to allow for thermal expansion.  Of course, the exhaust piping has wrap on it to protect everything around it from the heat.
GMG brought out their R8 sporting LMS bodywork.  However, the impressive stuff is in the rear…
Tucked behind the rear bodywork, visible is one of two GT35 turbochargers sitting in the back of the GMG Audi R8.  As carbon fiber apparently doesn’t like heat, some protective shielding is applied to keep the bodywork intact.
I believe the two fabricated tanks are oil sumps for the turbo drains.
One more look because it sure does have a nice butt.


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