Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I



At the other end of the Garrett by Honeywell booth was the Snail Performance STI with a swanky Aeromotions rear wing.  Have a look at the hood; venting is good.


A small(relatively) GTX3071 still manages to push out 550whp on this car.  Notice the big LIC Motorsports radiator is well-sealed to maximize cooling.  

What’s this?  Not a FR-S/BRZ yet?  Whiteline now makes goodies for the Mustang.


Here are the Whiteline wall of goodies for the Mustang and BRZ/FR-S (there, I did it finally).  Now if I can just get Whiteline to make more goodies for Project S2000…

Chuck already showed you a picture of the Crawford FR-S (or was it BRZ?), but here are a couple more.  This is the best forced induction setup I’ve seen so far for these platforms (and there are a bunch of them now).  Notice that the intake tube grabs air from a cool source; colder is better!  Also, the heat shield on the JDM STI turbocharger takes into account thermal management providing an OEM level feel.  
Crawford’s downpipe has a nice merge of the wastegate flow with the turbine discharge flow to maximize performance.  The downpipe also appears to be ceramic coated minimizing heat in the engine bay and aiding reliability.  The two runners of the exhaust manifold feeding the turbo (showing it is indeed twin-scroll) also have OEM looking heat shielding.


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