Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I



The AEM airbox draws in air from the stock location and looks to be well sealed; there is a rubber grommet going around the intake tube and the airbox which should enhance sealing.  The airbox looks to be some type of injection molded plastic which should reduce heat transfer from the hot engine bay to the incoming intake air. 
This Mustang was pretty freaking cool.  It looks to be powered by a modern DOHC V8 with individual throttle bodies.  The two tubes grab air from the frontend to provide cool air while the car is in motion.
KW recently released this nifty DDC (Dynamic Damping Control).  Here is the control module connected to the damper.  OEMs and other suspension companies have done this before you say… so what’s cool about it?

The really cool thing about the DDC system is the phone interface.  You can easily adjust the front and rear settings and then save them as presets.  Furthermore, you can email your settings to a friend if they are also running the DDC system.  They can then upload and test out your settings on their car.

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