Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part I



The big orange tube feeds fresh air through the intercooler to cool down the charge air from the turbos.  I think the two small black accordion tubes feed fresh air to the airbox for the turbos.  Of course, the two tubes feeding the intercooler are from the turbos.
Factory Five Racing came to the show with their Project 818 Chassis.  The battery is mounted up front to improve the weight distribution because the engine is mounted in the rear.  It’s also mounted as low as you can go to improve the center of gravity. 
Powering the chassis is a WRX engine.  However, there is something different here.
Two baby turbos!  It’s a very short path from the turbos to the intercooler to the throttle body.


Our friends over at Berk brought out their 135 to the show.  It appears to be sporting new wider bodywork which falls halfway between that of a stock car and a DTM race car.  I’m guessing the wheels and tires are wider than before too.  The newer body work should help reduce the aero drag a bit or at least offset some of the drag added by the extra width. 



At the end of a day at SEMA, you’ll look for anywhere to sit.  Tabitha and Cody found the rear wing a good spot to hang out.  Well, that’s just a fraction of the cars and parts at SEMA.  In Part II, we’ll look at some hardware built given the really big budgets of the OEMs and some professional race vehicles.




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