Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


Here’s part of Darton Sleeves' booth featuring sleeve kits for Nissan SR20 (left) and Nissan GTR (right) for those wanting their motors to withstand big boost.

One large section of the show has mostly to do with industrial machines, like multi-axis CNC machines, welders, etc.  It’s a part of the event we won’t be showing you a whole lot of in this series of articles, but if these things suit your fancy then all the more reason to go to PRI 2015 at the end of the year.  If you’re a nice lady between the ages of 50-70 and looking for a date, this is your section to prowl.

The cool thing about this section is that several machines were actually working, so the atmosphere is very energetic.  I hadn’t seen a tire shaver work its magic before today.

AutoMeter is synonymous with automotive gauges because they’ve been around for over half a century.  And the stuff they’ve got going on now is still really cool.  Check out this fully programmable display with integrated warning lights, all sorts of user-programmable gauges and CAN/ECU compatible.  It’s also fully street legal!

Brembo was showing off its assortment of caliper and rotor setups.  This particular display along side its booth was especially eye-catching.  You can see a vast variety of caliper setups ranging from race (foreground) to street (background).


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