Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


For those seriously needing more rear down force, Seibon had this aggressive GT-style wing on display.

And for those Chevy owners looking to dress up the engine bay, here’s a carbon fiber engine cover for the Holden L76 and the 6.2-liter LS3 small-block motor.

As I was rushing through the Indianapolis convention center hallway, I turned to my left to catch MotoIQ’s Martin Gonzales (right) talking to a gentleman in the Turn14 Distribution booth.  I playfully grabbed a picture and kept jogging.  When I later looked at this picture on my computer, I first thought to myself these two guys looked unusually giddy.  And then I realized they were just enjoying the view from behind…the scenes, I mean.

Interesting thing about this picture is that a couple of seconds after I whizzed by, they called me back.  Turns out sitting here was also Daryl Sampson of Turn14, who was my go-to guy for Turbonetics/Spearco product testing years ago.  Over the span of 5 years (between roughly 2003-2008), he and I had spoken on numerous occasions, but just had never met in person.  It was neat to put a face to all of those emails and phone calls several years later.


ECR is a high performance engine production and R&D company dedicated to building race engines for the likes of NASCAR, ARCA Remax, SCCA, sprint car and even the Corvette engines in the Daytona prototype division.  It’s apparent they take pride in their work when you notice every wire is nicely labeled (that type of work is tedious!).

I initially thought this centrifugal supercharger from Vortech was a comical prop to attract some attention.  I mean look at how big it is compared to the the V3-sized blower on the left, which is good for around 700 BHP!  Well, it turns out this is the size used in the NHRA Pro Mod division!


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