Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


Vortech was also showcasing some newer products, these blow-off valves and an intercooler kit for the new Ford Mustang Ecoboost as well.

A great 12-volt battery for racing is the Ballistic battery, which can be purchased at Pegasus.  The Ballistic battery is super lightweight and can deliver a burst of 1000 cranking amps, and it will only discharge about 10 percent per year–yes per year!  Expect to pay $379 for the smaller unit and $709 for the larger one pictured here.

Radium Engineering’s products always look top notch with their signature green and black anodized finish.  Seen here are some of its fuel system and surge tanks…

…along with Radium’s oil catch cans, which, again, are beautifully crafted.  We put one of these on our own Project E46 M3, in fact, and it looks like a factory part (see PART 3).

ATI Super Dampers are internally balanced and help keep the crankshaft in check at high RPM, especially when engine internals have been changed, which can alter engine harmonics.  Here we see units for several applications, including for (Top row, L to R): Honda H22, Honda F20/F22, Honda B16/18 Series “street” version, K20 “race” version, Honda D Series.   On the bottom row we see units for Acura, Nissan GTR, Nissan SR20, Nissan RB26 Skyline (R33/R34), and then a higher HP R33/R34 Skyline unit.


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