Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


BMR had a very nice display of its suspension components.  This 2015 Mustang was showcasing BMR’s front-end links, sway bar, K-member, and tranny brace.

As we continue looking down the car we can see BMR double-adjustable toe rods, rear cradle delrin (or avail in poly) bushing kit, vertical link to the lower control arms, and rear cradle chassis brace.

Intercomp is known for selling advanced weighing and alignment technology to a variety of companies and racing teams.  This is the booth where Mike Kojima started to geek out some.  Here we see Intercomp’s ultra low deflection mechanical (left) and digital (right) turn plates for wheel alignments.  These can also be placed on top of Intercomp’s scale pads.

Check out Intercomp’s fully integrated wireless technology scale pads, with certified accuracy to +/- 0.1% applied load.

The Intercomp Caster/Camber gauge indicates to 1/10th degree and a +/- 20-degree Caster/Camber reading.  Intercomp reports up to 10 times greater accuracy than traditional “bubble” gauges, and it’s got a built-in diagnostic mode for resetting the camber to zero.


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