Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


The Aeromotive X1 Series fuel pressure regulator is the company’s first to feature a fully interchangeable diaphragm, spring and seat.  Its color-coded internals allow for easy identification and it’s also the firm’s first FPR with -8AN inlet and outlet ports.  It features an all-new lightweight compact design from Aeromotive, and it’s also reportedly capable of supporting up to 2000hp.

You know your show is pretty high level when you’ve got real FIA representation there!
As mentioned in Part 2, walking the show with our own Mike Kojima has its benefits (you learn an awful lot and he’s a funny chap).  But it also has its drawbacks—the latter resulting from he being stopped by people every five minutes, literally.  “One bottle of NOS on the wall…one bottle of NOS…” 
Oh man there he goes again.  “one-hundred-eighty-six bottles of NOS on…the…wall…”  The man is a celebrity at these events.  By Day 2, I had to break away from this spotlight so I could get more done for you, our readers.


Moduline Cabinets was showcasing its nifty, all-aluminum cabinetry.  I actually have a small set of this stuff in my own garage and love using it. 

Moduline has a variety of powder-coated colors to suit your fancy, and they can custom-design all of it to fit your desired work space.


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