Performance Racing Industry 2014: PART 3


This here is the beastly GT4594 turbo, which uses a 94mm exducer compressor wheel as opposed to the normal 102mm wheel you see in the GT4502 turbos.

This is an inside view of Garrett’s new GTX4088R, which is ideal for those desiring between the 400-850hp levels in a T4 flange.  It features a 65mm compressor wheel with an 88mm exducer, and a 77mm (78 trim) Inconel turbine wheel.  It also has Garrett’s 10mm silicone nitride dual ceramic ball bearing system.

The three aforementioned turbos are good examples of what Garrett is doing successfully, which is filling in the gaps of customer needs by adding new wheel combinations.  This gives potential buyers more flexibility when considering desired power, response and packaging during turbo selection.


Also in the Garrett both rested this unassuming Nissan GTR, equipped with a pair Garrett’s quick-spooling GTX3576R turbos.  The car would be a real sleeper if it didn’t have the “Alpha” sticker on it, because practically everyone in the aftermarket world knows what that means.  Even with the hood up, these GTRs rarely show all of their cards, as most of the magic lies underneath.  It’s like looking under the hood/trunk/whatever of a Porsche 911 turbo—you just don’t know what this car has down its pipes.

If you are unfamiliar with what that Alpha sticker represents, it’s AMS’ designation for some of its high-end power packages.  In this particular case, the GTR makes a whopping 950 WHP on 93 octane pump fuel, and whips up to 1200 WHP on E85!  AMS also drag races one of its own GTRs with over 2000 WHP, and we hope to get a feature on it soon.


While Aeromotive had a lot of products on site, we wanted to show you a few of their newer products.  For instance, this fuel pump assembly is Aeromotive’s new Phantom Flex universal drop-in stealth fuel system for a quiet, in-tank operation.  You can make it fit almost any tank, and it’s rated up to 450 LPH, and is E85 compliant!

If you need crazy fuel flow at the tune of 20.9 gallons per minute (that’s nearly 4900 LPH!), Aeromotive now sells this Terminator fuel system.  Priced at two large, it's really only for the serious racers.  But it delivers.  John Hale ran a 5.709 at 256.8 MPH in his Nitro-fueled, ’69 Camaro Nostalgia Funny Car at the 23rd annual California Hot Rod Reunion, using an Aeromotive Terminator pump.

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