PRI 2015: Part 2

BorgWarner AirWerks Series turbos were on display at PRI. Seen here are its popular S300SX-9180 (left), and the S400SX-E on the right.

Performance Racing Industry: Part 2

by Pablo Mazlumian

If you’ve read our PRI Part 1 coverage, you saw that PRI had a lot in store for us this year. However, there’s so much stuff it’s simply too much to cover in just one article, unless you wanted to flip through 90 pages. So, welcome to MotoIQ's Part 2 of our five-part PRI 2015 coverage! Let us resume the most in-depth PRI coverage you’ll find online…


The BorgWarner S3300SX-9180 is a very popular turbo, which uses anywhere between a 60- to a 69-mm inducer and an 80-mm turbine exducer made of Inconel. It shares blade aerodynamics with BW’s EFR turbo family (EFR stand for “Engineered for Racing”).

This S3300SX-9180 has a 69-mm inducer.  It’s an ideal turbocharger for those seeking a power level ranging between 650-1000 WHP, and when using a 4-in inlet is necessary.

The S400SX features a full, 10-blade wheel, which simply looks awesome. The S400SX family is for the big boys, and uses inducer sizes ranging from 67- to 82-mm. So if you’re looking to cross the quarter-mile well north of 150 MPH, this may be for you.  BW also has its S500SX line, which uses inducer sizes ranging from 88- to 95-mm for the 200 MPH trap speed guys.

BW is known not only for power but reliability. In fact, some big names have teamed up with BW to create street- and race-friendly turbo upgrade kits. Here’s a 480-plus horsepower turbo kit by Borla for the 2011-2014 Ford F150 EcoBoost 3.5-liter, featuring BW turbos, air filter, Borla exhaust, and tune.

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