PRI 2015: Part 2


…with a four-piston setup for the rear. Here's a close-up of the same kit designated for the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup car.

If you hadn't heard already, we regret to inform you that, last September, PFC founder and CEO Don Burgoon was unfortunately involved in a fatal traffic accident while traveling in Rome, Italy. MotoIQ sends its heart-felt condolences to the Burgoon family.

This display in the ARP Bolts booth is always impressive to me. It showcases some of its connecting rod manufacturers, all of which use ARP’s high tensile strength rod bolts. For our Project MKIV Supra, we’re currently using ARP 2000 bolts for the rods, which came on our K1s, and we also switched to an ARP stud conversion for our main caps. The 2JZ’s also bolted together using ARP’s Custom Age Plus 625 head studs rated to a whopping 260,000 tensile strength.

In the Chris Alston Chassiswork we found this very unique supercharger setup using a ProCharger. What do you see different about this adaptor? Yes, that's an oil pump, too…

If you answered that the supercharger would be bolted directly to the crankshaft, then give yourself a pat on the back!


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