PRI 2015: Part 2


…or its newer line of Ultra Pro Series fittings and hoses for high performance applications. The Ultra Pro Series was developed to meet the demands of today's high performance.  For instance, with the hoses (top), the key factors that were looked into and improved were hose retention (to avoid failures in high pressure situations), great flexibility for tight fitting areas, and finally that it's PTFE certified highly against corrosive materials so that it lasts. With the fittings (middle), Earl's has improved the way they mate to the fittings so that the hoses don't come apart. How it's done is the olive actually screws onto the inner liner of the hose, keeping it fastened. On top of that, the socket comes over the top part and screws it all together, essentially make it double fitted.
What was really cool in the Earl’s booth was this interactive hose building challenge, where they let you put fittings on hoses yourself to test and feel how the hoses and fittings go together.
Fluidampr was featuring its crank pulley for the Evo X…
…and they sent us this picture of the third-party dyno testing of this component. On the next page you'll see the dyno result.

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