PRI 2015: Part 2


Here’s a popular Vortech supercharger in the BMW world. It’s referred to as the V-3 Si, which is rated at 1,150 CFM and a max shaft speed of 52,000 RPM. It’s rated at a max 775 HP and 22 PSI of boost pressure, and was popularly used to supercharge V8 M3's sporting the S65 engine and other V8 domestics.

For those looking for a little more modest horsepower, this is Vortech’s V-3 H67B supercharger, which is rated at a max 750 CFM and is good for 525 HP and 14 PSI.  Its shaft speed is rated at 52,000 RPM as well.

If you drive something like a large displacement, built-motor V8 or the likes of a Viper GTS, this Vortech V27 YSi-B-X supercharger might sound enticing.  It’s rated at 2000 CFM and is good for over 1500 HP with over 30 PSI boost capabilities. The shaft speed is rated at 65,000 RPM.

Vortech has its own blow-off valve called the Maxflow Race. Vortech reports a signature sound with this unit between shifts, and it features an all-aluminum construction, a rolling diagpragm, and comes in black or clear anodized finishes.
No PRI show is complete without an Earl’s display featuring its vast line of fittings, hoses, fuel filters…

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