PRI 2015: Part 2


NA Carrera tires hail from Argentina and are represented in North America by NA Tires USA in Ontario, Canada. The dual bias ply slicks you see here were reportedly used very successfully on a normally aspirated ’88 Mazda RX-7, and the car was able to get over six hours of track time and was still going! Stacked against the likes of Subarus and Porsche 911s, that RX-7 won the class, even after starting the race in 8th, and then jumping to the lead, and while it was still drizzling. NA Tires USA also reports that these tires require very minimal camber adjustments to get the most out of them.

Here’s a look at its rain-version racing tire.

Fuel Injector Clinic had its line of high-impedence, high flow fuel injectors on hand.  They’ve also updated the aesthetics of their packaging, which is quite nice. FIC injectors sizes range from 525 cc to 2150 cc.  We’ve been successfully running 2150 cc FIC injectors on our Project MKIV Supra! FIC has also released some fuel rails for a select few models.

Since they’re probably the most well known supercharger company in the USA, Vortech needs little introduction. At PRI 2015 it brought a lot more blowers than last year. Let's take a look.
Vortech sizing can range anywhere from multi-thousand horsepower Pro-Mod, as seen in this shot to something much smaller for the street.

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