PRI 2015: Part 4


As mentioned, Arias has pistons for cars you’d never think would get new-school, billet pistons. Here is a pair pistons, one of which will go to a 1995 Ferrari 355, and the other for a Bugatti Type 35 from the mid 1920s!

Here’s another classic Arias Pistons application—the 1.5-liter Porsche Spyder RSK (Type 718), which was built between 1957-1962.

Finally, check out this interesting dome shape for the Bentley 4.5-liter cars, which were built from 1927-1931!

One of Wilwood’s newer brake kits is the GN6R Road Race Short track front race kit, which features six-piston, radial mount calipers and 12.2-in x 1.25-in asymmetrical face slotted rotors. We’re still rockin’ a six-piston setup (4-piston rear) in our Project E46 BMW M3 project, and it’s working flawlessly.

Wilwood also has several pedal assemblies available. This one is new, with a reverse mount Tru-bar, which combines the brake and clutch pedals together in one unit. The master cylinders are also positioned inside the firewall, away from the engine heat, and it features an all-aluminum frame with forged aluminum arms and ladder-style contruction.

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