PRI 2015: Part 4


This is Eibach’s newer line of springs, called the “Platinum” line, which is designated for different Motorsport series racecars.

One of Eibach's newest products is the Pro Kit spring kit for BMW M3/M4, which lowers the car by 0.8-in in the front and 0.2-in in the rear.


In the Wossner pistons booth sat this menacing, turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa. It’s hit a 6.99-second quarter-mile. Um, yeah.

This is part of Alcon's Nissan GTR complete Superkit which features 6-piston mono-bloc calipers (front and rear), 15.7-in floating rotors for the front and 15.2-in floating rotors in the rear.

Bentley carbon ceramic brake upgrade? Oh, why not? What caught my attention was the size of this setup. This 8-piston mono-bloc system clamps down on massive 16.5-in rotors, and uses semi-floating carbon ceramic discs. If you have to ask… actually I don’t even know how much they are, sorry.

One of the cool things at the PRI Show (as well as SEMA especially) is that, while it primarily forcuses on parts, you get to see a lot of complete cars there—and especially racecars. Here’s a G5R Viper built by McCann Racing.

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