PRI 2015: Part 4


In our previous installments, I'd mentioned that there was a significant Argentine contingency at PRI and, since I’m from there, I always like visiting with some of these companies. Ferrea is based out of Fort Lauderdale. Here’s a look at its Sport Compact 6000 Series competition valves for the Import tuner market. They’re produced to provide excellent durability in an environment seeing high RPM and high spring pressures. They’re used in engines that do it all—street, drag, rally, and road racing.

Ferrea’s Pro Beehive valve springs are for both domestic and sport compact applications to be used in all types of racing. There are developed from premium-grade PAC alloy materials and are progressively coiled with tighter tolerances, heat treated, stress relieved, and multi-stage shot-peened for extended life and durability.

Our Project MKIV Supra's valvetrain is comprised of Ferrea’s valves (+1mm oversize), dual springs, retainers and their valve locks.


Ferrea also had in its display these lightweight roller rockers for the Acura/Honda B Series/H22/K20 engines. It’s said to eliminate over 1-lb of dynamic valvetrain weight!

If you’ve been following this PRI series coverage, we’ve featured a “Street Outlaws” car in each one. And if you caught the episode on the Discovery Channel where Farmtruck and AZN created the famous Dung Beetle pictured here, you may have cried as much as I did when they did gave it this paint job in order to give it a sleeper look. I don’t mind the whole sleeper mentality, but that was a beautifully kept VW beetle before this paint treatment. Anything for TV!

However, its engine has a fair level of coolness. It’s powered by a PTE turbo making over 360 WHP, and it’s controlled by a Haltech ECU. It uses E85 fuel and a mist of nitrous oxide from NX Express. The Street Outlaws Dung Beetle was in NX Express’ booth.

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