PRI 2015: Part 4


This set of throttle bodies will eventually make their way onto a Honda S2000

This Jenvey upgrade is for the Porsche 911 flat-six cylinder engine…

…while this kit is meant for the Audi 5-cylinder Cosworth turbo, but will also be sold by Jenvey as a universal fit for other 5-cyl Audis.

This was probably one of the most impressive products I saw at PRI 2015. Check out this Ultra Cart from Ctech! Its entire frame is built of aluminum with steel only used for supports and spindles. And notice the Ctech Ultra Media Deck! It also folds up for easy storage. To be able to bring this to your track event, you've got to be a baller. This particular unit was built for Kurt Busch’s 2016 race campaign, and it runs about $110k.

I’ve had the privilege of running Eibach springs in a few cars with various coil-over systems, and they’ve always worked great for me. This picture shows some of Eibach's springs for use in coil-over systems.

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