PRI 2015: Part 4


This is NX Express’ new nitrous plate system for the 3.7-liter Mustang and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine where the solenoids are built into a billet nitrous plate. The system allows the car to be juiced for an additional 35-200 horsepower.

Check out this crazy wet kit set up that was on display in the Nitrous Express booth, using multiple Lightning 365 solenoids—each of which can support over 300hp. This setup is reportedly good for up to 5200hp! I believe it’s for an LS3.

The ARH booth was super nice, thanks to its vast display of exhaust systems for various domestic makes and models.

Even cooler, however, was this ’64 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85 drag car in the ARH booth, which was simply stunning.

The goal of this car was to build the baddest Oldsmobile ever. It starts under the hood with a NASCAR engine block that normally dispaces 350 c.i., but was stroked to 440 c.i. Apparently these are the only two billet cylinder heads in existence for this car as well. On top of them rests a Wilson intake manifold and you can just make out an Aeromotive fuel system in there. The big V8 is boosted by an F1-X supercharger from ProCharger, and is expected to hit low 7’s in the quarter at over 200 mph!

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