PRI 2016: Part 5


Here’s a close-up of one of the BorgWarner EFR-6258 turbos, which use BorgWarners’ compact wastegates with brushless actuators. The No.2 Tequila Patron ESM Honda-Ligier of Scott Sharp, Johannes Overbeek, and Pipo Derani that finished second at the Petit Le Mans was a BorgWarner boosted car as well.

This shot gives us a closer look at the double wishbone, pushrod suspension that uses torsion bars on front and springs in the rear. The tranny is nothing short of an Xtrac sequential transmission.
I always enjoyed seeing what’s up at AiM’s booth. The MXG is AiM’s new 7-in display dashlogger designed to acquire and display data coming from things like the ECU, analog/digital inputs, predefined math channels, the internal accelerometer and gyro, and also from the GPS08 module included with it.

The interactive booth featuring the MXS L-power control unit simply showed how the AiM datalogger with customized steering wheel (or wherever you’d like to put them) buttons controlled various things like horn, head lights, turn signals, etc.

Alcon Brakes was showing off their new RC4 and RC6 systems. The RC4 four-piston setup uses a disc diameter range between 330-360mm (13 to 14-in) with a pad area of 66.1cm2 per pad. It also featured staggered steel piston diameters for even pad wear and thermal resistance, internal fluid transfer, and high temp seals. The RC6 is similar, only bigger, featuring 117.5cm2 area per pad and 15 to 16.1-in diameters!

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