PRI 2016: Part 5


If you like in-depth looks at these engines, make sure to check out our Inside 10,000 Horsepower article, which topped the charts of MotoIQ’s all-time number of hits list. Headers that fit tennis balls in them, enough ignition juice to turn a spark plug into a spark plug welder…yeah, a must read.

It takes a special, dedicated person to want to get behind the wheel of one of these. Not everyone can handle 5.5G’s at launch and even more than that when the parachutes come out. Did you know that these guys are still pulling over 1.5G at 320 mph? For reference, the 991 Porsche Turbo S that does 0-60mph in around 2.6-seconds pulls 1.37G at the starting line. If those kinds of facts interest you then, yes, you’ll want to read that Inside 10,000 Horsepower article (and they’re apparently making 11,150hp, according to a shaft dyno used a couple of years ago).

We’re not going to show you all of the pretty BBS wheels because we practically did that in last year’s PRI coverage, but the forged aluminum R1-A track package Monobloc is somewhat new from BBS. If you look at it closely, you’ll notice the recessed wheel bolt holes, which gives this wheel a very unique design- almost like it doesn't have wheel lugs.

Full carbon fiber cars are always sexy to look at, and this JDC MotorSports 2016 IMSA Prototype Challenge Championship Ligier JSP3 LMP3 is no exception.

JDC MotorSport's drivers Gerry Kraut and Joel Janco will pilot the Ligier, and they’re still hunting for their third. Me! Me! Me! Pick Me! How much fun does this thing look to drive!

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