PRI 2016: Part 5


This scary ’68 Pontiac Firebird Pro Mod is known as the Purple Reign, and is driven by Canadian racer, Melanie Salemi. It was built by her brother-in-law, Jim Salemi.

While Melanie has been racing since she was 11, the 2015 Pro Mod season was the debut for her professional racing career. Only four races into it, she scored her first Pro Mod win.

Melanie and her husband, Jon Salemi of Resolution Racing Services, are partnered with Jim Salemi of G-Force Race Cars and Mike Stawicki of MSR Performance Racing Engines- making this one of the more versatile teams in Pro Mod.

Here’s a shot of the Pontiac’s interior. These Pro Mod guys’ seating position is far back so that their cabooses put weight over the rear tires.

How’s this for far-back seating position? Antron Brown’s Top Fuel Dragster was there to check out as well.

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