PRI 2016: Part 5


Is this diesel engine not crazy? Even Street Outlaw’s “Farmtruck” back there thought so. You’re looking at one of the more impressive engines you’ll ever see. Built by Wagler Competition Products, it’s known as the DX500 Billet Duramax. It features ARP fasteners, Peterson 5-stage dry sump oiling system, Darton sleeves, Winberg crankshaft, Comp camshaft, Ross pistons, Total Seal rings, WCP’s own billet bedplate, full billet block, heads (with ARP Top Fuel studs), and rods. For fuel, we’re looking at S&S injectors, which are fed by Triple CP3 pumps and a Waterman fuel pump, and controlled by a Bosch 15.1 ECU. The craziest thing about this monster— its got an NX Nitrous system, Engler methanol injection (24 nozzles to keep the cylinders cool), a PSI 210D screw blower, and twin PTE ProMod 102mm turbos with twin PTE 66mm wastegates.

WCP had to design an engine that performs in three categories over three days, including drag racing, truck pulling (50,000 lb), and the dyno. Due to so much boost, they decided on a billet log manifold design because the tubular headers were cracking. What is the boost result, you ask? 140 PSI- good for 3500 horsepower. Vibrant Performance clamps keep the boost together. Oh, just a minor bit of information, in case you were thinking of putting this in your truck— the engine weighs between 1400-1500 pounds. WCP also did the cylinder heads in the 3200hp Scheid diesel 6.7-liter Cummins that we showed you in PRI 2016 Part 2.


This may initially appear as just another Fox body to hit the drag strip, but a lot of work has been done to get this Mustang— presented by Racecraft Inc— to where it’s at. It’s reportedly the fastest ever 275 radial drag car with a 4.05 at 186mph 1/8 mile. It also is the 1/8 mile single turbo record holder with a 3.96 at 195mph on a 315 radial tire.

When you look at Ziff Hudson’s motor, it also looks like nothing fancier than its competitors, but the team sent the car to Racecraft Inc., which did a total makeover of the chassis to help it really pull hard in the first half of the track. The engine consists of a 527c.i. Chevy big block with conventional heads from Brodix, a Thomsen Motorsports intake, and Billet Atomizer 800 injectors.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that 2800+hp 118mm Precision Turbo and Engine turbocharger up there either.

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