PRI 2016: Part 5


AST suspension, which is owned by Moton, had a nice assortment of street and racing coilovers in their booth. The two setups on the left are AST's 5200 suspension, which is 2-way adjustable for rebound and compression. The 5300 setup in the middle is 3-way adjustable for low-speed and high-speed compression, as well as rebound.

AST's 4100 series road suspension system is a monotube design, which allows for a larger piston and has gas pressure separated by a floating piston. As a result, cavitation and aeration is eliminated within the oil chamber. They allow rebound adjustments with one knob, and the adjust platform allow for ride height adjustments. The shock bodies are designed to keep maximum stroke, even with a lower ride height. They also feature a KTL coating to protect against the elements.
AST is owned by Moton, which everyone knows makes really high-end stuff. Here, we’re looking at a 3-way suspension for the Dodge Viper on the left, a 2-way for the M3/M4 in the center, and a 4-way suspension on the right for the E46 M3. A 2-way adjustable Moton suspension will run you about $5300 while the 4-way retails $12k!

While VAC Motorsports is better known for its involvement with BMW street and racecars (we’ve been testing a set of its headers in our Project E46 M3 and run their underdrive pulleys, for instance), they had several sequential transmissions shown off at the show, like this Samsonas unit for the Nissan R32/R33/R34 Skyline GTRs.

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