PRI 2016: Part 5


ST wheel spacer thicknesses range from 5mm all the way to 35mm (1.4-in)!

At PRI they had all kinds of racecars on display, including IndyCar and Formula 1. While they were several hundred feet apart, we thought it would be interesting to compare them a little more in this article.

Here’s the F1 car. It’s actually not a true Haas team-run racer. In fact, it's a 2013 (yes, V8 and normally-aspirated) Marussia that Haas bought so they could start their R&D before jumping into the show in 2016. It turned out that the Haas F1 team had an awesome debut! With the goal of simply to finish races, the team didn’t expect to beat out three other teams (one of them being the Renault factory team!) in the constructors’ championship points for 2016. No, that’s not the same Haas from the old Newman/Haas Champ Car team (which Michael Andretti raced for), as was pointed out in the comments below. My mistake! The current F1 team and CNC machine company owner is Gene Haas, while the partners in the Newman/Haas team that made the Champ Car was Carl Haas. It's funny that they actually had no relation. And, to confuse things even more, Carl Haas did also have an F1 team back in 1985. And yes, his partner in CART/Champ Car was the late Paul Newman, the actor.

Here’s a look at the IndyCar’s front suspension…

…compared to the suspension on the F1 car. The double wishbone suspensions look similar, but the F1’s pushrod and steering arm are made of full carbon fiber instead of steel.

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