The Best of 2021, #2: Project 987.2 Cayman S, Aero Install With Verus Engineering

In our last edition of Project 987.2 Porsche Cayman S, we discussed the components from Verus Engineering that we would be using to get an honest 1000 lbs of downforce at 120 mph with minimal drag from our car.  In this segment, we will be showing the installation of the parts.

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The first step for installation was to apply the drilling template for the canards. Verus supplies a stick-on template that makes the hole drilling location a lot easier.

With the template in place, the hole locations were confirmed with the actual part.

The holes were marked in the bumper plastic with a spring-loaded center punch.

Then the holes were carefully started with a drill countersink bit.

Once the holes were marked, the templates were removed and the holes drilled.  Note the tape used to prevent the drill bit from over penetrating and damaging stuff behind the bumper. All of the holes drilled for installing the kit used this technique.


  1. I absolutely love this project. The shot of the undertray with the oil pan sitting perfectly flush is a testament to how well all these parts are engineered. I bet that thing is a riot on track.

  2. Been following this build from day 1, really impressed with the detail and how well through out the car is. I have the same car that I’m building out in a similar fashion and was wondering which roll bar you have in the car? Mine is white also, and I love the single bar through the rear window and the white powder coat.

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