The Best of 2021, #2: Project 987.2 Cayman S, Aero Install With Verus Engineering

The mounting pillars are bolted to the splitter. The splitter is made of many plys of carbon laminated with thermoplastic instead of resin. No cheap fiberglass filler here! This makes the splitter very impact and abrasion resistant compared to a typical carbon and resin layup and perfect for a splitter that could contact the ground and other hazards.

The airdam is bolted to the bumper fascia. The airdam fills the gap between the facia and the splitter.

Next the splitter is bolted through the airdam into the fascia via the mounting pillars.  This forms a stiff boxed structure that is surprisingly strong.

Two of the mounting pillars bolt directly into the steel bumper support and take a lot of the aero load off the front fascia.

The completed front bumper assembly is now ready to bolt back onto the car.

The two large pillars bolt into the bumper support with these steel inserts. These two mounts give the splitter plenty of support.


  1. I absolutely love this project. The shot of the undertray with the oil pan sitting perfectly flush is a testament to how well all these parts are engineered. I bet that thing is a riot on track.

  2. Been following this build from day 1, really impressed with the detail and how well through out the car is. I have the same car that I’m building out in a similar fashion and was wondering which roll bar you have in the car? Mine is white also, and I love the single bar through the rear window and the white powder coat.

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