The Best of 2021, #2: Project 987.2 Cayman S, Aero Install With Verus Engineering

The airdam and splitter in place.  The assembly is strong enough for a full sized man to stand on and there is very little deflection in it due to the stiff solid carbon construction.

The splitter, airdam, canards, and GT3 nose make one awesome looking front end!

Brian Kono of Afterhours Automotive built mounts for our Composite Concepts GT4 side scoops to allow for easy removal to service the air filter using factory holes so no drilling into the bodywork. This is a very sanitary mounting option that’s way better than the provided double stick tape.  The scoops are said to add up to 7 more hp at 100 mph and also provide better engine compartment cooling.

Our Cayman is one of our best looking project cars to date and will be a great well rounder performer on the track.  If the owner is so inclined she can take out the cars interior and add a front part to the cage and it will be a competitive wheel to wheel race car wit no other changes. Stay tuned, in the next edition well will be putting some final touches on the car.

Read all about Project Cayman!


Verus Engineering

Composite Concepts


  1. I absolutely love this project. The shot of the undertray with the oil pan sitting perfectly flush is a testament to how well all these parts are engineered. I bet that thing is a riot on track.

  2. Been following this build from day 1, really impressed with the detail and how well through out the car is. I have the same car that I’m building out in a similar fashion and was wondering which roll bar you have in the car? Mine is white also, and I love the single bar through the rear window and the white powder coat.

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