Restoring a Legend, Building a LS3 For Falken’s Championship Winning S13 – Part Three

Next, the front cover is installed.

Now the heads are installed. The head studs are tightened to get them snug.

Next, the head studs are torqued in three steps to the torque recommended by ARP.

Now the shaft rockers are reinstalled.

Everything is now ready for the final installation. Man our trick valvetrain is a thing of beauty! It’s a shame to cover it up.

The oil pump pickup is installed. When installing a lashup of different oil system parts you need to check the clearance between the bottom of the sump and the pickup.  You want 1/4-3/8″ of an inch of clearance to make sure the bottom of the pan doesn’t interfere with oil pick up itself.

Next, the Canton oil pan is bolted down.


  1. Hard to believe this build is rather ‘old school’ in the LS world. Amazing that such a simple (but well designed) engine has been continuously improved by the aftermarket for 20 years now. Great photos too!

      1. What’s that got to do with anything? Just curious if it did all the things you had set out for it to do. Ran well, didn’t blow up etc.

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