Restoring a Legend, Building a LS3 For Falken’s Championship Winning S13 – Part Three

To save cost, we reused the OEM harmonic balancer.

Our engine is dressed up and ready to go!

We brought the engine over to Eimer Engineering where it was installed in Dai Yoshihara’s old number 9 Formula Drift Championship winning Nissan S13

The engine went back into the engine bay like an old friend!

The engine in the engine bay brought back many old memories. Although many fans think that this car is really fast and that Falken should compete with it again, it is actually not competitive anymore and is probably going to become too valuable as a historical vintage drift car to tear up!

The Falken S13 in its 2010 livery is still one really nice looking car!


  1. Hard to believe this build is rather ‘old school’ in the LS world. Amazing that such a simple (but well designed) engine has been continuously improved by the aftermarket for 20 years now. Great photos too!

      1. What’s that got to do with anything? Just curious if it did all the things you had set out for it to do. Ran well, didn’t blow up etc.

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