The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, Tomei

Another look at the Tomei upgraded turbos.  Tomei turbos have there own wastegate actuators, larger internal wastegates, and either adaptors or manifolds to make them directed bolt ins.  We think the Kei car systems are pretty neat, they are cute for sure!

Here is a Tomei stroker kit for a Toyota 2JZ. It features a forged billet crank, Forged H-Beam rods and forged pistons.

A high-quality amazing all-titanium exhaust system.  This was pretty amazing light. The weld quality was really good.

Other Tomei parts were displayed, they all featured quality construction, OEM like attention to detail and a great finish.

One of the first areas we looked at was the exhaust prototyping shop.  It was tiny, every square inch was packed with tools and parts.  It was well organized and clean.  You would hardly have room to move here and you have to turn sideways and suck in your gut to maneuver around the shop.


  1. TOMEI is one of those aftermarket names I was familiar with but had no experience with. It’s nice to see how much R&D they put into their products. Great article!

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