The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, Tomei

A Tomei EJ20 2.2 liter billet stroker crank sits on the left compared to the stock crank on the right.

Another look at some Tomei upgrade turbos.

In another stall of the building is Tomei’s Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno. This car is a GT40 MKIII replica that Tomei was in the process of tuning for a customer.

Tomei had this amazing Datsun 1200 race car on display for us.  This was one of the first cars Tomei was involved with.

I am not a D1 expert/fan but I think this is Kenji Yamanaka’s car.  It is a Toyota JZX100.

It’s powered by a Tomei 2JZ with a big single turbo and makes over 800 hp.

This is Ken Nomukun Nomura’s ER34 GT-T D1 car. He retired in 2018 so the car must be used for demos as I am not familiar with this livery.


  1. TOMEI is one of those aftermarket names I was familiar with but had no experience with. It’s nice to see how much R&D they put into their products. Great article!

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