The Car Lovers Guide to Japan, Tomei

While we were there, they were running in a brand new RB26 Genisis motor.  The laptop has the ECU map and the thing on the left is a Horiba reference AFR meter.

The dyno has a TV monitor that has a strobe so the dyno operator can monitor the mechanical timing.

A view of the Dyno Cell from the inside.  The RB is being run on Tomei’s water brake dyno.

The RB was going through a break in cycle so we didn’t get to see it do any peak power pulls, unfortunately.

We got to look at a lot of Tomei’s display and Genisis ready to install engines.  Here is a Subaru EJ257.


  1. TOMEI is one of those aftermarket names I was familiar with but had no experience with. It’s nice to see how much R&D they put into their products. Great article!

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