The Full Bolt on SR20 Engine, Part One, The Basics

Nice warp and leak-resisting flanges and beautiful welds, what more could you ask for?

To make turbo installation a snap, we ordered ISR’s install kit.  This comes with all the gaskets, oil-feed hoses, fittings, adaptors, and drain to make turbo installation easy!

When installing an SR20DET into a USA market S13 we often forget that our cars are left-hand drive and the brake and clutch master cylinders are on the hot side of the engine.  The heat from the turbo can cook these parts and contribute both to the fluid boiling and the seals failing.  We used to have to fabricate heat shields for this area but ISR makes it easy and sells this heat-reflecting stainless steel heat shield.  Due to its poor thermal conductivity, stainless is an ideal material for a heat shield.

In our experience with turbocharging the SR20, we know that for forced induction at least, the manifold is a big source of free power.  We have found that as much as 50 hp at the same boost level can be found by enlarging the plenum and shortening the runners.  To do this with as much stock part compatibility as possible, we got a large plenum, short runner, and intake manifold from Greddy.

The Greddy manifold’s plenum is a good compromise between the large volume but lag-inducing drag-type manifolds and the restrictive stock manifold.  The runners are much shorter than stock as well.  This mightlosee some bottom-end power but our fast-spooling GTX2863R turbo should more than make up for this.

The bosses on the Greddy manifold are compatible with both top feed rails and the stock OEM fuel rail.


    1. What we wanted was inexpensive, simple and the ability to combine with any lash up of OEM and aftermarket parts to make this a pure bolt on with no fabrication needed. We know about Artec stuff, it just doesnt meet any of those criteria.

  1. Hey Mike!

    Great information!

    Question. If you were to choose between the GEN 2 GTX, 2860r or 2867r for this build, what is your pic?

    Thanks! D

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