The Full Bolt on SR20 Engine, Part One, The Basics

To use the high lift C1 cams, we are required to use JWT’s valve springs. These springs are designed with the proper harmonics to avoid spring surge and valve float with the aggressive Jim Wolf cam profile with a minimal increase in valve spring tension for less power loss and less wear.  Do not use springs from othermanufacturerss.  Time and time again for the SR20, we have found that Jim Wolf camsoutpowerr the competition in each duration class.

For cam timing gears we are going to use JWT’s adjustable gears.  These have 8 adjustments in 2.5 degree intervals which is achieved by putting the cam’s dowel pins in the marked holes while setting the time chain on different combinations of marked teeth on the gear.  Although the adjustment increments are set, there are no bolts to slip and the adjustments will absolutely stay true.  We have had other timing gears slip on multiple occasions before so JWT’s reliability is important on a race engine. We are probably going to advance the intake and retard the exhaust to gain more bottom end and have less turbo lag.

This is part one of our series of building the ultimate bolt-on stock bottom-end SR20DET, stay tuned for our next segments coming out soon!


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    1. What we wanted was inexpensive, simple and the ability to combine with any lash up of OEM and aftermarket parts to make this a pure bolt on with no fabrication needed. We know about Artec stuff, it just doesnt meet any of those criteria.

  1. Hey Mike!

    Great information!

    Question. If you were to choose between the GEN 2 GTX, 2860r or 2867r for this build, what is your pic?

    Thanks! D

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