The Full Bolt on SR20 Engine, Part One, The Basics

Since we are converting from the Nissan OEM side feed style of injector to top feed injectors, we are going to be running a Radium Engineering fuel rail to make it clean and easy.   In fact, our whole fuel system is going to be Radium and we will cover it in a stand-alone fuel system article but we will just talk about the basics for now.

We will be using a Radium Pressure regulator on the return side of our fuel rail so we can adjust our fuel pressure as needed.  We like the Radium regulator capacity and pressure holding capability which helps restarts.

Radium has a fuel pressuregaugee that we are going to install on the fuel rail just to make setting our fuel pressure much easier.  The gauge is fluid-filled for durability.

We are going to be running a Fuelab 340 LPH fuel pump.  The pump flows enough fuel for us to run E85 and is rated for E85 use.  We have been really impressed with Fuelabs’ offerings nowadays and are going to start using more of their pumps.

We will be using Jim Wolf Technology C1 camshafts. We like these cams for mild and turbo applications because they have a decently high lift and short duration with a lot of area under the curve for good bottom end, and fast turbo spool.   The cams are well-engineered and have good harmonics for good valvetrain stability, very important to consider for drifting.  The C1 cams have 264 degrees of duration with .476″ lift, which is more than than any other SR20 cams ofsimilarr duration on the market.  This is compared to the stock cam which has 240 degrees of duration and .365″ of lift.


    1. What we wanted was inexpensive, simple and the ability to combine with any lash up of OEM and aftermarket parts to make this a pure bolt on with no fabrication needed. We know about Artec stuff, it just doesnt meet any of those criteria.

  1. Hey Mike!

    Great information!

    Question. If you were to choose between the GEN 2 GTX, 2860r or 2867r for this build, what is your pic?

    Thanks! D

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