2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


With the sun beginning to set, the wind came to a standstill, and the smoky tire haze came up. Gittin would do a battle with Coffman in the first battle of the night, and in the end, Gittin would move forward.


Hohnadell and Jones would definitely get into it, with Hohnadell trying to drive right on through. In spite of it, the judges would ultimately award the win to Hohnadell.


Matt Field and James Deane would meet. The judges would decide that they were evenly matched enough to warrant a one-more-time battle. In the end, James would find himself moving to the next round.


Chris Forsberg would have #5 Alex Heilbrunn as his next challenge. Forsberg would be able to fend off the higher-qualifying Heilbrunn, and advance to the next round.


#2 Michael Essa would take to the track with #15 Dean Kearney in a battle of imports versus domestics, of sorts. Unfortunately for Essa, American Muscle would take the day, and Kearney would move forward.

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