2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


Chelsea DeNofa and Ryan Tuerck would go head-to-head. The smoke machines were turned to 11. In an extremely closely-matched battle, the judges would ask for another go. Unfortunately for DeNofa, Tuerck was able to cut through the haze on his way to a win in the second trial.


With the sun long gone, Bluss and Hamilton still found a way to light up the night. Bluss and his Bimmer would take the W.


In the last top 16 battle of the evening, #27 Kyle Mohan would compete with #11 Piotr Wiecek. Mohan's struggles would continue, and Piotr would receive the judges' blessing to advance.

The top 8 would come next.


JR and Hohnadell would meet in the first great eight battle of the night. In somewhat of a surprise, Hohnadell would take the win, putting the #1 qualifier on the trailer.


Deane and Forsberg would battle next. While Forsberg had been driving strongly all evening, Deane had just a little extra in the tank and was awarded the win for his efforts.

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