2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


Ryan Tuerck and Dean Kearney would meet in the David vs. Goliath battle of the evening. Kearney had been strong all night, and his streak continued. Tuerck would be sent packing.


In the last battle of the great eight, Bluss and Wiecek would take to the track.

The judges would be unable to determine a clear winner, and another one-more-time battle would be called for. In the end, Bluss and his BMW would continue to perform, and they would take the win.

And now, your final four.


James Deane and Alec Hohnadell would show us two ways that Nissan can get it done. But, the newer chassis would prove superior under Deane's control.


In what would prove to be a harrowing and controversial battle, Kristaps Bluss and Dean Kearney would go head-to-head in order to determine who would advance to the finals. In an extremely even match, the judges would call for a one-more-time for the pair.


With the pressure dialed up, Bluss would make a costly error, finding himself pointed the wrong way on the track. This incomplete would mean that Kearney didn't have to do much to take the win.

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