2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


In a reversal of fortunes, a mistake by Kearney would see contact between the two.


This resulted in Bluss being unable to continue, but also in a need for another go.

With all hands thrashing to get the car repaired, and even other drivers at the tools, Bluss would run the competition timeout past the time limit, and would be unable to continue. There was some concern that Bluss had, in fact, gotten the car back on the ground with seconds to spare.

However, it was determined that, even if the car had been completed in time, without any alignment work and missing lugnuts, it would not be safe to compete anyway. For Bluss, the night had ended.


This effectively resulted in a bye run for Kearney to advance to the final.


Dean Kearney and James Deane would fight for first and second place in the last battle of the night. 

In the end, James Deane would emerge victorious! What an intense battle this round of Formula D Pro brought, and we look forward to the next round at Wall, New Jersey June 2-3!

Final results:

  • #1 – James Dean (Q #13)
  • #2 – Dean Kearney (Q #15)
  • #3 – Kristaps Bluss (Q #3)



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