2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


Ken Gushi and James Deane would duke it out. Gushi was not in top form, and Deane would eke out the win.


Heilbrunn's LSX-powered BMW was running well, as was Robbie Nishida's GT-R. However, a costly mistake would put Nishida into the grass, and his incomplete would result in Heilbrunn's win.


Chris Forsberg would test his skill against Aurimas Bakchis. They would prove evenly matched enough to warrant a one-more-time battle. However, in the re-test, Bakchis would get a little exuberant, putting two off. Ultimately, Chris' NOS 370Z would move on.


#2 qualifier Essa also received a bye run.


#15 Dean Kearney and #18 Dan Burkett would have a closely matched battle, but Kearney would get the nod.


Chelsea DeNofa and Georgia-local, Taylor Hull would duke it out.

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