2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


DeNofa managed to leave a souvenir behind after getting friendly with an apex cone, but he took the win in exchange.


In a test of which FR-S powerplant would come out on top (LSX-power for Yoshihara and 2JZ power for Tuerck), things would be too close to call. A one-more-time battle would result in light contact between the two, with Dai coming to a halt and Tuerck powering through. The contact was Yoshihara's fault, so the W went to Tuerck, ending Yoshihara's hopes for a top finish.


Kristaps Bluss' #3 qualifying position would earn him a bye run.


#14 Jhonnattan Castro and #19 Nate Hamilton would go head to head. Even with Hamilton's dirt drop, he would come out on top.


In one of the more surprising turns of the evening, Aasbo's battle with Mohan would first see a serious and unexpected straightening out by Aasbo, followed by a competition timeout.  When the drivers returned, Aasbo would also find himself lightly contacting Mohan, causing both drivers to ultimately spin. Mohan would advance.


#11 Piotr Wiecek and #22 Cameron Moore would meet each other. Despite Wiecek's cone collection, his run would prove superior.

And that would round out the top 32 battles, leading into the official opening ceremony and then the top 16.

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