2017 Formula Drift Pro – Road Atlanta


#1 – Vaughn Gittin Jr – Monster Energy Nitto Tire Ford Mustang RTR

Late spring in Atlanta can be a difficult time of year as far as weather is concerned. This year, Formula D got both barrels. Road Atlanta is not immune to severe weather, but at least there were no tornadoes or hail. What we did get is a few lightning delays and plenty of wet.

Friday's qualifying sessions were moved up to avoid impending weather, and then Friday evening's practice was held in mixed conditions.


The rain came and went several times on Friday evening, which meant that not everyone got to practice on a clean and dry surface.


Ryan Tuerck would suffer a catastrophic engine failure during Friday's practice.


His team worked all night in order to be prepared for the big show on Saturday.


Here comes the sun.

The rain showed up just around the time that Saturday's practice was ending and the top 32 battles were beginning. Some of them were ran while it was raining. Others were run on a partially dry track.

The first few top 32 battles involved a reconnaissance run. Drivers were given one pass at the track to experience the conditions before the actual judged battle. From minute to minute with rain coming and going, the conditions could change completely.

So how did the top 32 go?

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