AMS Performance Alpha Deep Transmission Oil Pan and Pickup Relocation Kit for the R35 GT-R

If you own an R35 GT-R and drive it hard, you will know about some of its transmission pitfalls.  Besides running hot and breaking internal parts if you have a high HP VR propelling your car, you might have experienced miss-shifts and slipping, especially when doing drag launches.  We have experienced these problems with any R35 that can pull a decent 60-foot time and had previously fixed the issue with a combination of TCM programming and greatly overfilling the transmission with a remote high-mounted catch can.  Time Attack R35’s running slicks and a lot of aero have also experienced these transmission problems accelerating out of some turns. To combat this AMS Performance has come out with a new Alpha oil pan and pickup combination that ingeniously solves the oil starvation issues.

The AMS Alpha pan like many aftermarket R35 pans is a CNC-machined aircraft aluminum billet unit that has a deeper sump and a larger capacity.  The Alpha pan can hold 2 more quarts than the OEM Nissan part.  The additional oil volume gives more thermal capacity, exactly what the GR-6 transmission needs as it generates a lot of heat in operation and can go into temperature-induced limp mode easily.

The AMS pan retains one of the anti-slosh baffles that are also present in the OEM pan.  The rest have been removed to make room for the AMS oil pickup that renders the other baffles superfluous.  The AMS pan also retains the OEM peg that holds the factory debris magnet.

The AMS oil pickup is where all the magic happens, it like the oil pan, is CNC machined from billet aluminum.  The AMS oil pick contains the OEM oil filter and its own internal pickup.

The secret of the AMS pickup is the rear pickup opening.  All the oil going to the filter must come in this way via this opening.


  1. Wouldn’t you still want baffles to help keep the oil by the pickup when you’re braking and downshifting? I don’t see the benefit of removing them are aside from a negligible increase in oil capacity.

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