AMS Performance Alpha Deep Transmission Oil Pan and Pickup Relocation Kit for the R35 GT-R

AMS learned by doing testing with a clear see-through oil pan that under hard launches and cornering that the oil sloshes to the rear of the pan exposing the OEM pickup and allowing it to suck air.  Air in the valve body causes miss-shifts and air going to the multi-plate clutches causes a loss of clamp pressure and slippage.  With the AMS pickup, the oil inlet is relocated to the rear so there is no way that the pickup is going to suck air.  This is such a simple and cool fix to the problem.

This clamp plate holds the OEM filter/pickup into the AMS pickup.

The filter is sealed using this cut 0-ring type positive seal.

The pan comes with all the additional hardware needed for installation.

Our GT-R had the original pan damaged by a big hit of some sort of debris on the freeway.  The transmission was also throwing codes and a few times lost half of the gears.  The second set of problems is usually caused by magnetic shavings from the transmission building up on the shift solenoids which causes their position sensors not to read correctly.  This is a common problem often seen in R35s that are driven hard or whose transmissions are not maintained well.   The first step was to drain the fluid and pull off the factory pan.


  1. Wouldn’t you still want baffles to help keep the oil by the pickup when you’re braking and downshifting? I don’t see the benefit of removing them are aside from a negligible increase in oil capacity.

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