AMS Performance Alpha Deep Transmission Oil Pan and Pickup Relocation Kit for the R35 GT-R

Now the valve body is exposed.

We added these bent paper clips to this set of holes before removing the valve body.  This holds the solenoid plungers in the right place when the valve body is removed.  This prevents the transmission from freaking out when the valve body is reinstalled.

This is the second set of holes where the bent paper clip/special service tool is installed before valve body removal.

Next, the harness connectors to the valve body are unplugged and the valve body is unbolted from the transmission case.

Now the valve body can be removed.


  1. Wouldn’t you still want baffles to help keep the oil by the pickup when you’re braking and downshifting? I don’t see the benefit of removing them are aside from a negligible increase in oil capacity.

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